Our philosophy

We believe that adults are grown up kids who, unwillingly or not, play games all their life. We believe that the distance between an aboriginal of a godforsaken island with necklace made of ocean brought colorful bins and an average inhabitant of a modern megapolis is much shorter than between the latter and a marketing analyst. We also believe that things sold are not goods or services, bins or boxes, tasty candies or natural lotions but hopes, presentiments, images, emotions and dreams. If your goods or services are none of the above – that means one thing – that means you don’t have them at all.

We believe in European values based on respect of universal human rights and freedoms. We do our best to be truly ethical both in interpersonal relations and in business relationship. Once having started cooperation with a new client we aim at turning it into a genuine partnership understanding under this word it’s original meaning. We are sincerely committed to professional and uncompromised fulfillment of our duty using for this all resources and possibilities within our hold. In our work we are guided more by the feeling of personal responsibility for the final result rather then by juridical commitments. All this because we do understand that the work is just a part of the life for which we don’t want to be ashamed of.