Marketing & Strategy

This page doesn't have «pictures» because fruit of strategic marketing projects are not tangible. Showing any cases by providing dull data and designing clever tables, diagrams, pyramids or brand charts not only doesn’t give a full idea of projects realized but also simplifies them. Besides, in addition to classical projects viewing company’s strategy development, there always exist marketing consulting which contribution to the whole is essential but it is dissolved in the majority of Dream Catchers projects and it would be award to try getting it out of the general context.

Since marketing strategy development needs widened competences, Dream Catchers involves in such projects not only it’s own stuff but also other professionals, working as top-managers of leading Russian and international companies as well as people who successfully implemented different marketing strategies to create their own business.

Most popular products:

– consulting;
– couching of top-managers;
– positioning of companies and brands;
– creative strategies and communication platforms;
– ideology of internal communications;
– brand-portfolio revision;
– new business ideas development (R&D).